Sobriety Chips And How They Can Boost Growth

A lot of people would agree that if you have built a strong relationship with something or someone, it gets harder everyday to break away from it. An addiction to something is really hard to stop and an example to that would be someone’s addiction to alcohol. There are many ways to kill a cat, and in the same way, there are many ways that you can kill that alcohol addiction and one of the tried and tested ways is having a support group. Support groups use many methods to help encourage alcoholics to quit drinking and one of the methods they use is using sobriety coins. Although these sobriety coins may look simple to the other people, to those who are part of the support group, it means such a great thing as it embodies the length of time that a patient has said no and rejected any invitation of the alcoholic drink.More on

Encouragement works a lot of wonders when it comes to people who have been looking for one for such a long time and because of that, these sobriety coins or recovery medallions are doing so many things to encourage these hopeful individuals that are part of the support group. The sobriety chips that are given out to those members of a support group are of assorted sizes and colours, all signifying a different message and upon celebrating the first day of a member’s soberness, a white sobriety chip is given to him in order for him to mark this day as the day he says no to his love for alcohol. Another kind of recovery medallion is given to those persons in the support group who are celebrating their first month of having an alcohol-free lifestyle and this sobriety chip is a metallic one. Another first that is worth celebrating is the anniversary of being alcohol free. The support of friends really makes a huge impact on people who need it most and to those who are undergoing this issue in their lives, the encouragement they have for one another will help them all attain a good life away from alcohol.View more here

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